For every
social occasion.


The drinks are made from the pure wild berries and the world’s cleanest water. They display the true color, natural sweetness and taste of the berry. No color or flavours are added. Recommended to serve between 18?20 ?C. Let breathe for one hour. Enjoy with friends.

Vol 10% ? 50 cl

Zippy and fresh, semi-sweet lingonberry dessert wine with a vivid red color. No tannins.

Vol 12% ? 50 cl

Sophisticatedly sweet, golden cloudberry wine with a lingering aftertaste. No tannins. Cloudberries are the most prestigious berries in Finland. Excellent as a a dessert or a social wine.

Vol 12% ? 50 cl

Pleasingly soft, semi-sweet wine with the full flavor of bilberry and without any tannins. Serve as a dessert or enjoy with friends.