From the wilderness of Lapland.

August Berries

One of the world’s northernmost wineries is located 80 kilometers from the polar circle in the municipality of Ranua in Finnish Lapland.

The small, family-owned winery has spent almost 20 years refining their skills in turning the arctic wild berries into fresh and tasty alcoholic beverages, which has been challenging and rewarding.

Focus is on high quality products. The berries are handpicked from the wilderness of Finnish Lapland, which has been mostly certified as an organic area. The berries are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, and they go through minimal processing to preserve the valuable ingredients and full taste. No color or flavours are added.


Ranua-Revontuli Ltd

Rovaniementie 29
97700 Ranua
+358 16 3552400

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