Every August.
Magic happens.

Fresh from the wilderness.

The painful growing season of the arctic area, the relentlessly cold winter, and the long and bright day-light hours give birth to the unique crop of wild berries, which are picked in August. This arctic year cycle enriches the berries with an authentic and delicious taste.

arctic wild berries.

The berries begin fermenting with the help of the world’s cleanest water, uncompromised quality and an arctic attitude driven by the harsh environment. The drinks made from the pure wild berries display the true color, natural sweetness and taste of the berry. No color or flavours are added.

Only hard work with
arctic performance added.

It’s August. After the slow growth and the year-long maturing, August Berries is finally ready. The long, quiet waiting time is about to end for the berries and they are yearning to join the company of people. August Berries is recommended to be drunk within one year from the bottling to ensure the aromas and colors are at their best, before the next season comes.

Enjoy the new taste of arctic wild berries.